Navy And Military Diving Equipment Sales & Service

American Diving Supply takes great pride in serving our US Military and Federal Agencies. We have for decades. Whether you are from the SpecWar community, salvage, construction or a SAR Swimmer, American Diving has the gear for you to accomplish your mission. When you are on the job, the diving equipment you are using shouldn't ever come to mind. It should work consistently and constantly, just like the company that stands behind it. That is why our sales and service personnel are standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are on call just like you.

American Diving Supply isn't a dive shop; we have over 30 years experience with the military equipment that you use to supply and support your dive locker. Call us today for a quote on those special items.

Whether you use SCUBA equipment, surface supplied or swimming and rescue gear, we have it. Chances are we can ship it the same day, too. Global Logistics is our thing. Where ever you are in the world serving our country, we will get it to you and get it there on time.

For inquiries and pricing quotations call our PRO- Sales team at 609-646-5099 or email us your request

American Diving Supply President, Tom Maddox, Co-Pilot MIR 2 Russian Submersible.

2005 International Titanic Expedition